My best friend and wife of 35 years. Liz and I feel truly blessed to have been offered this golden opportunity to do what I have always been obsessed with Racing Pigeons. We have 2 beautiful daughters 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter.  They are really special and a joy to us.

I started with Racing Homers when I was 21 years old and helped start the original Hutchinson Kansas Racing Pigeon Club.  I had the 1st 600 mile day bird and it was the only one on the day.  This was featured in the Digest and still is probably the highlight of my racing pigeon career.  I am most proud of the other great pigeon I bred – that being a Champion Bird of the Club and the combine, 2 years in a row, a winner of 23 diplomas and an A.U. Registered Elite Champion.


I flew with the Oil Club and the Tulsa Combine for 10 years and the last 12 years with the Wichita Kansas PRC.  During this time I won A.U. Hall of Fame. Youngbird All American Loft, Throughbred Magazine Champion Loft, Digest Youngbird Ace Loft 2 times, Champion Bird of the Club and Combine, Average Speed in the A, B and C races in the Club and Commbine.


We bred the best finishing American Bird ever in the Olympiad in 1999 with 15th place 325 miles, a very tuff hot headwind race day.  We also bred 35th at the Texas Gusher One Loft Race in 2008.


Feel free to give us a call or just stop by and talk pigeons


Your friends in pigeons,

Liz and Larry Hedge